My publications to date are given below.

Approximation of the harmonic-measure distribution function for the middle-thirds Cantor set

C. C. Green, & M. M. S. Nasser (2022). Journal of Computational & Applied Mathematics.

Computation of plane potential flow past multi-element airfoils using the Schottky-Klein prime function

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Harmonic-measure distribution functions for a class of multiply connected symmetrical slit domains

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Selection of a Hele-Shaw bubble via exponential asymptotics

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A fast numerical method for ideal fluid flow in domains with multiple stirrers

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The effect of surface tension on steadily translating bubbles in an unbounded Hele-Shaw cell

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The Schottky-Klein prime function: a theoretical and computational tool for applications

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Analytical solutions for two hollow vortex configurations in an infinite channel

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Multiple steadily translating bubbles in a Hele-Shaw channel

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Green’s function for the Laplace-Beltrami operator on a toroidal surface

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Analytical solutions for von Karman streets of hollow vortices

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Conformal mappings to multiply connected polycircular arc domains

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